Friday, 29 July 2016

The Products I Can't Live Without

A little list of my ride or die beauty products that are an absolute must have for me! 

Here's a little list of the beauty products that I absolutely love, and okay I could definitely live without them, but my life would just be a little bit harder if I didn't have these babies in it. 

1. Mask of Magnaminty by LUSH:

I personally don't suffer badly from spots or acne, but when I do get the odd stubborn pimple this thing is my ALL TIME FAVE face mask to clear up my skin.  From the fresh peppermint smell, to the texture, to how it makes my skin feel afterwards, it is in my opinion a truly wonderful product that is a must have in my beauty kit! Also it's self preserving, so it lasts a little longer than some of the other LUSH face masks! 

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe 

Anyone who knows me personally knows I have a lack of eyebrow hairs, and this thing is my ultimate favourite product for filling in my brows.  It looks great, goes on great and stays put! Plus the colour is a perfect match, and is the first perfect match I have ever bought! I literally cannot rave enough about this product! Couple this with the Essence Make Me Brow, a dupe for Benefits Give Me Brow, it leaves my eyebrows on fleek every time! Perfect! 

3.  Urban Decay Setting Spray Oil Control

Every girl needs her setting spray, and for those of us with slightly oily or combination skin, this is my holy grail of setting sprays.  It keeps my makeup in place and mostly stops it from melting off my face! (There is on occassion, when it's very warm, and I get a very sweaty T-zone and next thing I know my face is half gone! But that's rare, so I can forgive it! 

4. Catrice Camouflage Cream in Ivory 

This is the ULTIMATE coverage concealer, it's capable of covering pretty much every blemish imaginable. But its pretty easy to use too much and look cakey, so be careful.  Like I said I don't really get a lot of spots, but when I do this bad boy is more than able to cover the redness and make me look a little more normal, so I love it!! 

5. Bed Head by TIGI After Party Hair Cream

This smoothing hair cream is a LIFESAVER for those of us with wild, unruly curly and frizzy hair!! A little bit of this goes a long way into smoothing out your hair, without making it oily or greasy looking like other serums and oils do! Its also great for helping out making your hair look good in between washes.  It's a bit on the expensive side, but I think its worth it, and if you keep an eye out, it's often on special offer so you might get lucky! All in all I love this product, and my hair is in a lot better condition because of using this! (It's still not in great condition - joys of bleaching my hair blonde since I was 13 - but it's getting better!)

6. Garnier Summer Body Self Tanning Moisturiser

From the smell, to the natural and even looking tan, to the value for money, there really aren't any downsides to this product that I've found! I've tried a lot of tans, and tanning moisturisers but this one comes out on top! I love it, and I've never had to spend more than like €4 on this, and one bottle lasts ages! So if you, like me, haven't got to get away this summer to get a real tan, then personally I think this is the next best thing! I find myself putting it on just because I love the smell! 

If you love that glowy/dewey make-up look, then this my friend is a must.  Personally I haven't tried very many radiance balms, so I can't say it's definitely the best, but I love this product because it is lightweight, it's cheap (well when you buy it when it's on offer like I do, but I mean its regularly on offer so don't go spending full price on it if you can avoid it!) It has SPF in it, and girls, boys, EVERYBODY should be wearing SPF on their faces during the day. It not only protects your skin from getting burnt, but helps prevent wrinkles too! The glow this thing gives my face is FAB, and even on days when I don't wear make up I still wear this because it makes me feel prettier, just because I like to glow like a disco ball.  

8.  Garnier Micellar Water  

This was the first Micellar water I tried, and it has stayed as my favourite one! I always buy the travel size out of handiness, it fits in my makeup bag, and when travelling up and down to Dublin most weeks in college, it's just handier! The only problem I find is that it can be a struggle to remove some eye makeup sometimes, so I usually use a make up wipe to wipe off the heavy make up first, then go for a deeper cleanse with this! 

9.  Organix Coconut Milk Serum

I LOOOOOOVE coconut anything tbh! The smell is AMAZING and it's great for everything, coconut oils for cooking, moisturiser, hair serum, its great in everything. So when I seen this, and with my hair being dry AF I decided to give it a go, and honestly, I prefer this to any other hair serum I've ever tried. I've been using this for AGES, and yeah I just love it! 

Well, I think that's it for this time, so....

Til the next time,
MK xo

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