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Suicide is not the answer

September 10th 2017 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

This upcoming Sunday is World Suicide Prevention Day, an awareness day held on the 10th of September annually in order to show a worldwide commitment to come to action to prevent suicides.  

Various activities are held worldwide to raise awareness about suicide and show support to those who feel suicidal and those who have been affected by suicide throughout their lives.  

According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) almost 1 million people die by suicide every year, and up to 25 times that number make a suicide attempt.  

This year the theme of the annual awareness day is "Take a minute, Change a life".  To me, this suggests that taking a minute out of your day, to talk to, listen to, or even just sit with someone who is experiencing suicidal thought or has been affected by suicide, can make a huge difference and change their life.  

Events to raise awareness are being held worldwide in the hope of showing the general public that they can prevent suicide.  

"You are not alone"

A number of us will fight that dark fight and walk that long road through mental illness and suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  However the knowledge of this does not always offer solace to those suffering.  

Sometimes, it can make those suffering feel worse, due to comparing their own situation to the situations of others.  I know myself battling with my mental health was only made worse by comments of  "others have it worse than you do!"  Yes, I know that other people are in worse situations than I am, but that does not change how I feel, except to add to the guilt I already have for feeling the way I do.  

In fact, until recently I felt so much guilt for having such struggles with my mental health, because I felt I was being ungrateful to the great people in my life who do so much for me.  I know I am lucky to have these people in my life to help me with almost every aspect I need, and I am grateful for that.  But it doesn't always help to have people around you, struggling with your mental health can make you feel alone, in a world full of people who love and care about you.  

I'm still struggling with not feeling guilty for how I feel, because I know it is not my fault - nor anyone elses -  for the emotions, thoughts and ideas that often pop into my head.  I know that this is my mental illness talking, and I now know certain ways to help cope with these thoughts and help myself to feel better.  

If you feel the same, try not to be so hard on yourself, I know as well as anyone that those words are easier said than done.  Seek help, open up to someone you care about, or a complete stranger if you feel that would be better.  But please do not suffer alone and in silence, help is out there, and you are capable of getting better.  

"Suicide is not the answer"

Though times can get difficult, and the strain of life can take its toll on even those who appear to be the strongest, suicide is most definitely not the answer.  According to Pieta House, a number of those coming to them for help, are coming due to everyday issues that can affect anyone.  Financial problems, relationship issues and family strain to name a few; it is not only people with a history of mental illnesses and those from troubled backgrounds that are experiencing these thoughts and emotions. 

It is totally normal to experience a low point in life, where giving up feels like a solution, but when these thoughts come to mind it is important to seek help immediately.  Suicide is not a solution, and it removes all chances of you ever improving.  Seeking help, and learning how to cope with and take care of your mental well-being is the real solution.  

It may take time, it certainly may not happen overnight, but there is light at the end of the dark tunnel that suicidal ideation can create.  Reach out to loved ones you trust, or contact one of the number of mental health awareness and suicide prevention organisations for support during those difficult and mentally straining times.  

Remember suffering alone and in silence isn't necessary.  Experiencing poor mental health, and suicidal thought is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, and there is plenty of help out there.  

Always remember, you are important, you are necessary, and you are worth it.  Seek help and know that you deserve happiness, and you deserve to feel loved, safe and well.  

MK xo 

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If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental illness,  or is at risk of suicide or self-harm here are a few places that offer help and support.  Stay safe and don't be afraid to ask for help, if one person doesn't listen keep looking until someone does. You are worth it.

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