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New Kid on the Job

Some tips and advice on starting a new job.

Starting a new job can be simultaneously one of the most exciting and one of the most daunting things to face.  Especially when that job is your first in a new field, your first out of college, or your first ever.  Here are a few little tips on settling into a new job, and how to deal with all the things it may throw at you. 

I myself have recently started a new job for the first time in a number of years, and I have a number of friends in a similar position since graduating college.   Personally, I'm a very social person, and I'm far from shy in new situations like this.  Even for me, this was a nerve wreaking situation in the beginning and I was incredibly anxious.   I know there are probably a number of people in the same position who are less social, and who may be struggling with a number of things.  But fear not, MK is here with some sound (ish?) advice as per. 

1. Meeting your co-workers:
Meeting and getting to know all your new co-workers can be tough in a work environment with numerous different offices/sectors etc.  Do your best to say from the get go if you struggle with remembering names, most people will be sound about this, and maybe even will repeat their name to you when you meet the first few times.  The all important thing is to be yourself and be friendly.  Chances are most of your new co-workers will be friendly and accommodating to you, I'm sure they all remember being new too.  

If you're more on the shy/introverted side, I know this situation can seem all the more terrifying.  How about even just trying to talk to one new person a day.  Or you can take your time in getting to know a small group of your co-workers first, and then branch out when you're more comfortable.  Some workplaces even organise events and drinks and things for staff members, which is a great way to get to know people in a more calm and relaxed environment.  If you're anxious in a crowd, go along for a short while with a close colleague, and excuse yourself early if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable.  

2. Be Yourself: 
 If you are more introverted, don't stress yourself trying to be the opposite, you'll burn yourself out, and vice versa.   Also just be yourself in other aspects, talk in your natural voice, people can spot a fake a mile off (I know I can anyway).  Wear what makes you comfortable, yes some jobs may have a certain dress code, but add your own flair/style to it if possible, you'll feel more confident.   

The more yourself are, the more people will get to see the real you, and I'm sure that you are amazing so don't be afraid to be you.  You'll also feel more confident and more comfortable when you allow yourself to be just that, yourself. 

3.  Be Confident:
You got the job for a reason, assuming they didn't just pick you up off the street and hire you, so as long as you didn't lie about your abilities be confident in what you are capable of.  Your employer was obviously impressed with you, so remember that, and keep telling yourself that you are there for a reason and that you are cut out for the job.  But also,

4. Don't be Cocky: 
There's a difference between being confident and being cocky, seriously there can be a very fine line there to cross.  Know when to stop talking about yourself, and ask others about themselves, and y'know actually listen to their responses.  

You never know you could end up hearing some of the most interesting stories you've heard in a very long time when you take a break from talking about yourself.  People can be incredibly interesting, and those from other walks of life can teach us so much, about other cultures, other countries, other traditions, and even just ourselves.  

5. Get Involved:
Does your work place do the occasional night out? Do they do group volunteer work? Do they do group runs/walks/gym sessions/yoga classes during lunch or after hours? 

Find out if there are people in your workplace that do some of these things that match up with your interests and get yourself involved.  Not only is it a great way to make friends in your new workplace,  it also gives you something to do that you enjoy outside of work!

6. Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions:
You're new, of course you're going to have questions.  Personally, I must have asked 1,000 questions my first week, and I really don't believe any one cared, y'know why?  We've all got to learn, and how can you learn without asking about what the hell you're doing!   

Now you really shouldn't be asking the basics of what your job is, that you should probably know.  But ask as many questions as you can think of about the jobs and tasks you are assigned, it shows you are interested and it shows you want to do the best job you can and get it right! 

As always my advice is based off my own experiences and my own attitudes toward life and people.  If you are really struggling to fit in, or if you find your colleagues and your work to be utterly unbearable, don't fret.  Don't put yourself under pressure to stay working in a place you absolutely hate, especially while you're young.  Get out there again and try to find somewhere that really fits you, the job is there, it's just about working to get it,  finding the right places to look, and having a little bit of luck on your side.  

Until the next time,

MK xo

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