Tuesday, 22 March 2016

DIY: Black 90's style chokers

How to make a 90's style choker two different ways. 

Some of my friends laugh at me for my silly innovations when I use random everyday objects and turn them into something wearable and maybe even fashionable, and this was one of them. Personally I think this is one of the easiest DIYs to do when you want to dress up an outfit in a hurry with some stylish DIY jewellery.  I thought up this DIY when I was at home one weekend and I was heading out when I realised I had left all my jewellery in Dublin and I needed something to dress up my outfit. 

Also, do people still wear chokers? I do anyway I like them, but I've never claimed to be fashionable, in fact I'm probably not at all! But, if anyone else still likes a good choker then this is the DIY for you! 

So for this DIY all you will need is;
Black bra straps from a strapless bra (preferable ones that were never used because if they've been washed already they lose some of their shape)
A sewing needle and black thread
A small button
A charm (I got the charm from an old choker that I broke, but you can buy them on places like Etsy) 

Style 1:

1. Lay the strap out (This is one has been used; I made these chokers a while back so I don't have any other spare straps. Like I said I wouldn't recommend using one like this because it is out of shape, I'm only using it to demonstrate.)

2. Cut the ends of the straps open so the hooks are taken off.

Cut off the hooks
3. Measure the strap around your neck and cut it to the length you want it, leaving an extra cm or so for overlap for the fastener. 

4.  Using a small sharp scissors or knife cut a small hole in the strap at one end, make sure it's big enough for the  button you have but not too big so the button won't stay closed.  Make sure to leave about half a cm at the end so it doesn't rip open.  I also sewed around the inside of the hole to stop it from fraying too much. 

4. On the opposite end sew on the button about half a cm in.  

The final choker should look something like this. 

Front view

Back view

Style 2.

1. Same as before lay out the strap, but for this one instead of removing both hooks, only remove one because we are going to use the other one for the fastener.  

2. Measure the length around your neck again, and leave about 2 to 2.5 cms extra at the end. 

3. Fold over this extra piece and sew it in place to make a loop that should look something like this.  This will become the second end of the fastener for the choker. 

4. Add the charm simply by sewing it on to the middle of the strap. 

And there you have it, the second choker is done, it should look something like this in the end. 

Back view, you can see the fastener here.

Front view

And there you have it, simple and easy DIY jewellery for when you need to dress up an outfit in a hurry. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you want to see more similar style posts leave me a comment below. 

Til the next time, 
MK xo 

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