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Bargain Buy Make-Up Review

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Who says you have to spend lots of money on make-up?

As a student with very little money I always try keep an eye out for a good bargain to save a little moolah.  About a month ago I popped into Penneys/Primark  on Mary Street in Dublin and picked up a few little bits, all under €5 each!  I had seen a few girls on Snapchat and Instagram raving about a few of these products so I decided I just had to try them for myself!

I've been meaning to get around to this blog for a few days now, so I've decided that after a month of using them all it's about time to do a little review to show you all these products, and let you know what I think. 

What I bought:

Here they all are:

I think those are the right prices anyway, but prices may vary depending on where you buy them.  Anyway on to the review. 

1. Essence Sun Club Bronzer for Lighter Skin:

So before I bought this I had previously heard it was a dupe for MAC Give Me Sun  , honestly, I'm not a big supporter of MAC make- up, but when there's a dupe for it for less than a fiver you best believe ya girl is ALL over that! (Like I said I'm a total bargain shark!) Now for those of you who read my blogs regularly you'll know my favourite bronzer is Hoola by Benefit  but I've gotta say this is a close one! 

First of all it smells AHH-MAY-ZING! It's coconut scented and I absolutely love anything coconut, so that's a huge bonus. This one is shimmer, but it also comes in matte, I would prefer matte but there was none the day I bought this but I will be going back for a matte one, most definitely! The colour is fabulous, a really sparkly gold hued bronze, and it's actually a better colour for me for day time wear because I wear so little make-up during the day the Hoola was often too dark, so another bonus.  Its a gorgeous colour, it's also really easy to work with and it's really blendable, and it lasts all day, so all in all a great product, and the price just makes it that much sweeter. 

Just look at that SHIMMER! 

2. Catrice Camouflage Cream Concealor in Ivory (010):

WOW is all I can say. I was a bit skeptical at first because I've really red cheeks and dark circles under my eyes and I doubted that it would be able to cover them without looking caked but I was wrong.  Now if you apply too much you can definitely look caked (and I have a couple of times when I did my make up in a darker room than I'm used to and I think I look fine until I go out in the light, but no!)

Any spots, blemishes, redness, even bags under your eyes this little beauty covers right up.  Normally I apply it either with my EcoTools concealor brush, or with my mini beauty blender. It really is a full coverage product that works, and the name really suits it because it really does camouflage everything you want it to.  Like I said I would be wary of using too much product because it can look cakey, but if you use the right amount and set it with powder it lasts all day and looks amazing!  Definitely a new MUST have addition to my make-up bag.  And another bonus, Catrice Cosmetics don't test on animals so you can save your conscience, your pocket and your face with this one product!

3. Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighter in 010:

For it's price I think this is a really great product. It's so shiny and sparkly and super pigmented powder highlighter.  It is very powdery and  I find it can be easy to use too much of this product however, and it leaves your face looking really white and it can be very obvious that you've over done it.  So a gentle hand is needed to apply it, but you can go heavier for a more dramatic look aswell, just be careful because it looks awful when overdone! The shade is gorgeous a sort of pearly gold, and its sparkly without having huge chunks of glitter which I think can make even the most expensive highlighters look cheap. 

I'm quite happy with this product, for it's price, and again the ethics of Catrice that I love to try and support cruelty free products it's a good buy.  It's also really easy to use, so if you're new to highlight, or aren't really comfortable with applying make-up this is also a really great product to get used to using highlight with.  It is really pretty and really sparkly and it is definitely the best bargain highlighter I've found, so if you want highlight on a budget I would reccommend this one! 


4. PS... Loose Powder in Light/Lumiere:

So far this only comes in 3 shades, light, medium and dark. Personally I think the light is a little too light for my skin and it washed me out, and I knew by just looking at it that the medium would be waaaaaay too dark, so i didn't even bother to pick it up.  The colour is a nice neutral tone in the pack but I think its a bit cooler toned when I applied it to my face. It would probably suit someone paler than me, I'm pale but quite sallow so its not a great match for me.  Its also easier to apply with a damp brush/beauty blender/sponge or it really falls pretty much everywhere! 

I wouldn't reccommend it for an all over face powder, personally I don't think the consistency great for coverage, even a light one. It might be okay over a full coverage foundation but I never wear full coverage so I wouldn't know.  

Now the prospect of "baking" your make up is new to me, but I thought when I had this product it wouldn't hurt to try it out for that.  I used a damp beauty blender to bake areas of my face like my jaw bone, under my eyes and my chin to set my foundation and concealor.  I think this powder works quite well for baking, as its a loose powder but I think I'm going to continue to shop around for a better loose powder to use, but this one does the job when you need it to, and it's only €2.50 so it doesn't break the bank either!

Here's a photo of me with just these products on over Bourjois Healthy Mix serum in light vanilla as a base (love love LOVE this foundation) I also used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe , Wet and Wild Mega Protein Mascara, and a little of Penneys' PS...Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in Soft Pink 01, which I will be reviewing very soon, so watch this space. 

I put on my foundation and my brows, then I used the Catrice Camouflage Cream on a beauty blender under my eyes and to cover a spot on my chin (which you can't actually see, this little guy is really effing good!) I used the Ps... loose powder to bake on my foundation and concealor under my eyes and on my chin.  I used Sun Club to contour my cheekbones jawline and my nose, and also dusted a little on my hair line as far as my temples.  I also used it on my lids as a shadow applying with a fluffy brush. The High Glow on my cheeks, under my brows and along my nose, and I would sometimes use Catrice High Glow as a highlight on my inner corner of my eye, but for this I didn't.  Finished with a little Wet n Wild mascara and the Penneys PS... Liquid lipstick.

So that's it, I hope this was helpful to some of you!

If you liked this and want me to do something similar, or have products you would like to add, or would like me to try and review leave me a comment below. 

Until the next time, 

Mk xo

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