Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Review: Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

Just gonna do a quick review of Urban Decay's De-slick Setting Spray. 

When I went to France a few weeks back I took the time to take advantage of the duty free and buy a few bits for a little bit less than I would normally have to pay. I usually don't go for the de-slick oil control setting spray, but I decided it would be good to try it for a change! 

First up I want to say that I am still trying out this product but I like it so much I think it's already time to write a blog about it! 

So as I said I bought it on my way to France, and the weather over there, while beautifully warm, isn't a good friend to make-up, because one word - sweat! We all sweat, and with make-up on it can lead to an unsightly melted face look that is more eek than chic! 

This setting spray though really held the make-up on my face though, even through the sweats in 30+ degrees heat! And I was really impressed by it! Both day and night time make-up stayed put much better after a quick spritz of this handy little spray! 

The next test of course was "will it last a night of drinking and dancing?", the answer; so far so good, any time I've gone on a night out since I started using this setting spray I've definitely noticed a difference in my make-up. I haven't had the need to re-apply pressed powder halfway through the night (Except for one night, due to an incident with a shot of Sambuca, but we'll forget about that!) 

I've noticed that it keeps my make-up looking matte and keeps away the giveaway shine of an oily, sweaty face that comes hand-in-hand with a night out on the town! 

I'm definitely really impressed with this product and I'm still really only trying it out, but I would so recommend it to anyone!

Til the next time

MK xo

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