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My Top Tans and Tips on How to Make Tan Last Longer

How to be a golden goddess all day everyday! 

The fine weather we've been experiencing in Ireland the last few days (otherwise known as Leaving Cert weather) isn't regular enough for most of us to get a tan from. And unless you go on a holiday to somewhere warm, or you are aware of what the harmful rays of the sun can do to your skin, chances are you get your summer glow from a bottle. 

Here's a list of my favourite fake tans and a few tips on how to make it last longer, how not to end up looking like an oompah loompah and how to avoid the horrible scale-like skin when tan starts to come off. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Cocoa Brown Tan. The brand recently sold out in stores across the US after Kylie Jenner posted her love of the product on Instagram. (It seems everything those gals do turns to gold!) Cocoa Brown is an Irish brand of tan and can be bought in every Irish girls favourite place... Penneys! At only €6.95 a bottle it's a great bargain for a really quality tan. I usually use the 1 hour tan, but leave it on a bit longer, or sometimes overnight for a darker looking tan. I also love the Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip moisturiser for keeping my tan looking even and stop my skin drying out when the tan starts to fade!

L'oreal Sublime Bronze

Has to be one of my all time favourite tans! I've been using this tan since way back when and I continue to go back to it again and again. It always comes out so even and fades evenly aswell! The only downside is the smell, reminds me somewhat of curry, or something that's burned! And besides, most tans have a funky smell don't they? 

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

What is a list of tans without Sally Hansen! Takes me back to the days of teenage discos (Seriously practically EVERYONE wore it, you could smell us a mile off!) Not it's biggest fans these days because I feel dirty now if I go to sleep without washing it off, but for days when you're in a rush and need a quick tan, that will also come off easily when you want it too, Sally has to be your go to tan. While it says Airbrush legs on the bottle, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't use it all over! (Just make sure to never use it on your face, it'll dry out your skin something horrible!) 

Fake Bake

With Fake Bake fake tan there's something for everyone, from light tans to suit fair skins to really dark tans for those who love a deeper glow! They have instant tan, gradual tan,self-tanning moisturisers and even specially formulated tan specifically for your face! While it's that bit more expensive it is definitely well worth it. You will almost certainly find something to suit you that you love. Unforch because of the price it is the only one of my faves not in my arsenal of tans at the mo, but with my job back I'm hoping to give myself a little treat very soon!!

Johnson's Holiday Skin

One of my favourite self-tanning moisturisers has to be Johnson's holiday skin. At between €6 and €7 for a bottle it's a steal aswell. It always gives my skin a nice even glow and it doesn't have a strong smell which I love because I hate the smell of most tan. The only downside is that it seems to take FOREVER to dry into your skin so your left standing around for ages until it dries and you can get dressed! 

My Top Tips for Making Tan Last Longer

So if your anything like me you hate how tan fading makes your skin look, and you also might want to elongate the length of time between each time you tan yourself, so here's a few tips that I've found useful!

1. Exfoliate:
Exfoliating before applying tan gets rid of the layers dead skin on your body. These layers peeling off are what causes the reptile scale look that you can sometimes get from tan coming off. Also exfoliating lightly every day or every few days once you've applied your tan will also help keep your tan from fading unevenly. I use Simple Exfoliating body wash and some days to alternate I will use an exfoliating glove with some light body wash on it. 

2. Moisturise:
The dryer your skin, the more the tan will fade, so moisturise after every shower. I would reccommend using a self-tanning moisturiser because the light colour in it will help keep an even tan and make it last longer. Johnsons Summer Glow, Garnier self tanning lotion and Cocoa Browns Chocolate whip are my top self tanning moisturisers.

3. Drying:

Make sure when you first do your tan that you allow it to dry fully before getting dressed again as clothes will rub it off if it's not fully dry. Also try not to wear tight clothes straight after tanning to avoid it rubbing off. 

4. Pick the right tan:

Pick a tan that suits your skin tone and your skin type. If your fair skinned don't go buying the darkest tan colour (no one wants to look bright orange) and vice versa (it just wont make any difference really to your colour). Also many brands now have tans specially for people with sensitive skin or dry skin so it's worth it to shop around and find something that suits you!

5. Showering:

After showering pat your skin dry, don't rub it as this will make the dead skin peel off your body and will also cause they layer of tan to rub off. Gently patting the skin dry is a bit of a pain but will keep your tan from fading so fast. Also its reccommended that you don't shower for at least 5-8 hours after applying fake tan or after getting a spray tan to allow for it to fully dry. 

It is also reccommended that you create a barrier between your skin and the shower everytime you shower to protect the tan. While I haven't tried this myself yet I am intrigued by it and I think I'm going to try it the next time I do my tan and will let you guys know the results. Your supposed to use some light body oil (someone suggested Johnson's baby oil) before showering to protect your skin. 

If anyone tries this before me or has already tried it feel free to comment below what you think, is it effective or not?

I hope you guys enjoyed my fave tans and tips on how to make it last. Leave a comment below of what you thought of the blog post, what you thought of the tips if they worked for you and if you have any tips of your own! 

Happy Tanning!

Until the next time!

MK xo 

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