Monday, 8 June 2015

Everyday Favourites

These products are currently what I am using to create my everyday make-up look. 

So I change the products I use for my daily make-up routine quite regularly and I'm always trying new things so this post could become a regular thing, we'll see! :) 

I don't usually wear a lot of make-up for everyday, especially when I'm working over the summer because I work in a really warm factory! But when I do wear day time make up, I like to keep it light, simple, basic and very minimal to let my skin breathe throughout a long day. 

These are the current products I am using and what I think of them. (Most of which are
available in most drug stores so they're cheap
and easy for anyone to buy!)

Moisturiser: Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser 

I just love Simple moisturiser, it's really the only one I use. I have quite dry skin and I use this daily and it really helps to stop my skin from drying out completely and cracking (Which has happened with other ones I've used.) Definitely my favourite, I always seem to keep going back to this no matter how many different ones I try.  It's also a really affordable product available in pretty much any drug store for less than €10 which is a great bonus! 

Lip Balm:  EOS

So in the beginning when everyone was raging about EOS products, I never really got/bought into the hype.  But when i got a few of these lipbalms for my birthday, I realised the hype wasn't unwarranted. They're INCREDIBLE!!! I thought my old vaseline was doing the job, but these make my lips feel so much smoother and stay smooth, and really stops them from cracking! In the cold weather my lips used to get so bad that they'd crack and bleed almost everyday, but I used my EOS all winter and it only happened a few times this year which is a major improvement. ANNNNND they taste sooooo god damn goooooood!!!! Definitely worth it! 

Concealer: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

This has to be one of my favourite concealers ever! I use it in Ivory (pale gal probs) and it's genuinely one of the only concealers I've found that's capable of covering up the black circles under my eyes! At about €5.50 in the pharmacy it's a steal for a really quality product!

MY FAVOURITE POWDER PRODUCT EVER!! (As you can tell by how used it is) I use this every day without fail. The one I currently have the lid broke (devo) so I had to tape it make up to protect my precious! :P I cannot fault this powder I always use it and will continue to unless I ever (doubtfully) find a powder I like more. 

Eyebrows: Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit

I am FOREVER trying out new eyebrow products searching for one I really like, and for its price and quality this collection kit is up there with my faves. It has 3 decent sized shadows and a clear gel mascara to hold the brows in place. The shades range from blonde, medium brunette and dark brunette, nearly black.  The colours have an ashy tone which I love cause I've found other products (especially brow pencils) leave my brows looking very reddish in colour but these colours are very natural and match well to my fair skin tone. It's currently €3.99 in Boots and I'd definitely reccommend it to anyone on a budget (ie: most student's in the same situation as myself!)

Mascara:  Maybelline Falsies

One of my all time favourite drugstore mascaras, it's my trusty go to mascara when I need to buy a new one, but I can't decide on a new one to buy. The only thing I wish now is that I'd bought the waterproof version. Even still this one is still really good, I wore it to Foo Fighters in Slane a few weeks back and it lashed rain all day, but my eye make up never budged! 

I have to thank my fellow blogger and journo gal Emma Mullholland (The Boho Diaries) for recommending this to me earlier this year. I totally love it and wouldn't use another gel eyeliner. It's soooo easy to use, lasts sooo well. Like I said earlier my make up in Slane never budged and it rained all day!!

So that's what I use for my daily face. Hope you liked this blog post, if you did and would like to see more like this leave a comment below!!

Til the next time! 
MK xo

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