Sunday, 8 February 2015

Outfit of the Day

Saturdays Outfit of the Day.

So I went shopping with mam and I actually decided to dress nicely for a change (My weekends are usually for PJs, Sweats and comfy clothes, and not leaving the house) I really liked this outfit so I decided to do an outfit post. 

So here it is!! 


What I'm Wearing: 
So I'm wearing a lot of black as always! I love black, I always try to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe, but it never really works. I always resort back to the old favourites.  

My denim jacket was my sisters back in the 90s, it sat around in our house for years not being worn so I decided one day about 3 years ago to just take it for myself. I love this jacket coz it goes with literally EVERYTHING!! Its Diesel too, so I'd say it was expensive, so it would really be a waste if I hadn't stolen it. 

My black fluffy mohair jumper is TESCO F&F brand believe it or not!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it one weekend shopping with mam. I had wanted one like this for ages but I couldn't find one anywhere. And it was under €15 (I think!) 

My black leggings are from Forever 21, I bought them last year and they are probably one of my favourite pairs of leggings ever. And this is why... 

I freaking LOVE this pattern, and the colours down the side of the leg. I probably wear leggings like waaaaaaayyyyy too much. Anyone who knows me will definitely tell you I have a legging obsession.. but when they're this cute, and comfy how can ya not love them... plus I really just hate jeans, they're just not as comfortable, and I can rarely get a pair that fits right without being altered. 

My Chelsea boots are from Penneys/Primark. I got them just before Christmas and they were only €15 which is great. They're so comfy and I wear them nearly every day. They're definitely my staple outfit item at the moment!!

Whats on my Face:
As far as make up goes on regular days I don't wear a whole lot. 
I usually wear a bit of concealer to cover the bags under my eyes and the redness of my face. Some pencil on my eyebrows. Mascara and eyeliner, maybe a bit of shadow. And some powder on top. 

I'm using a few different concealers atm but Rimmel Wake Me Up, is probably my favourite of all time!! I use Classic Beige. I also love Rimmel Match Perfection concealer and Hide the Blemish concealer for covering up redness on my face. I use Ivory in both of these. Also I've been trying out L'OREAL LUMI MAGIQUE concealer and highlighter in Light. 

I'm wearing RIMMELs Stay Matte powder in transparent. This is literally the only powder I use. I just Love it!! (Also yes I'm really pale!) 

For my eyebrows at the minute I'm using two different pencils as I have yet to find one colour that suits perfectly. My next investment is to get my eyebrows done, and get a new eyebrow set to try out. But for now I'm using a mix of the blonde and light brown No.7 pencils from Boots. The ashy hue of them suits my skin tone and doesn't give a reddish colour to my brows like some other brands have. 

On my eyes I used Maybelline LASTING DRAMA Black Shock Gel Liner pen. It's my new favourite thing (Thanks Emma for recommending it!) It lasts all day and its all weather proof. My eyes are usually really watery, but this liner never budges!!

On my water line I used RIMMEL Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner... again watery eyes! It'a not the best lasting pencil I've found, but its still very good!

Lashes are Maybelline Falsies Volum Express. I nearly always use Maybeline mascara, it is definitely my favourite brand of mascara!!

Finally on my lips I used RIMMEL lipstick in Vintage Pink. 

Soz about the messy hair... joys of naturally curly hair. 
And there ya go, that's my look of the day!

Hope you liked it. If did and wanna see more posts like this leave a comment!
Thanks guys! 

Until the Next Time. 

MK xo 

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