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How to: Have a Positive Body Image of Yourself

You know it's all about that bass positive body image.

Okay, so today's post is going to be a little more serious than previous ones. But this is something I feel strongly about, it is something that has affected me and loads of others, maybe even most girls around the world.

Today I wanna talk about body image, people's perceptions of it, the media's portrayal of it, my experience with it, and most of all, how to be happy with yours. 

So I know this topic might get a little heavy, and I might ramble a bit, but I really have a point I swear, and I really want to help girls feel happy with themselves, cause everyone should be!

Whether you are a boy or a girl, large or little, tall or small, almost everyone deals with issues with their bodies. Some don't feel comfortable in the body they are in and have to take measures to change their body to fit who they are, and some simply don't like the bones that stick out at the sides, or the spare tire around their waist when they sit down. 

Just remember you are all beautiful who you are, and no matter what be true to who you are in your heart and the rest will follow. Being happy with who you are inside is the first step in being happy with who you see in the mirror.

So first of all what is a normal body shape? Well there are fat girls, skinny girls, small girls, tall girls I'm calling all girls, everyone report to the dance floor it's your chance for a little romance... sorry guys Eminem fangirl here, had to continue this.:P 

Anyway, being serious, all of these shapes are normal, and perfectly okay!

So a little about body sizes through the years:

  • In the 60s it was all about being curvy, having that hourglass shape was to die for and women went to extremes using corsets to get the tiny waist, big hips combo √° la Marilyn Monroe. (Soooooo not saying anything bad about her, she was FAAAAAB and I love her!) 
  • In the 70s and 80s, with all the hippy and disco fever going on, girls had slimmed down, but were still feminine looking with big boobs and bums being a favoured asset. 
  • Then in the 90s and 00s being skinny was where it was at. Size zero models on the runway, and size zero celebs on the red carpet were the envy of every girl I knew. This is probably by far my personal least favourite body shape. It was too skinny and skeletal for me and it just wasn't a healthy look. 
  • Now, again we have curves as a front runner of body envy thanks to fierce and powerful females like Beyonc√©. And wearing corsets has become a thing once again for some people to get this envied hourglass look.  (Personally I don't like this waist training, I don't think it's healthy, but it is one of the extremes women will go through to meet the expectations set for them by society.)

While all of these looks were envied at one point or another, and some even considered to be the norm at the time, there is nothing particularly normal or abnormal about them. 

In all these generations the main thing to me is that health was not considered in portraying a body image. The media conveyed their view of "normality" based on celebs and models, and the masses followed suit, because of the pressures put on girls to look "perfect". The "perfect" body type is always changing, so figure out yourself what you like, and set a realistic goal for yourself. 

If you are healthy that's really all that should matter, healthy does not equal skinny and fat does not equal healthy. There are plenty of unhealthy "skinny" people, and plenty of healthy "fat" people. 

During all this time body shaming was present, which is why young girls growing up developed a negative body image of themselves.  The media is conveying one body shape as normal, it also says no other body shape is desirable. 

Not one single look can be deemed as "more beautiful" than another, it's all just a matter of opinion, and that's a lot of where people go wrong with body shaming, it's just a different opinion of what beauty is. 

But some of these body shapes mentioned aren't viable to every girl.  Some girls will never be a size 2 or a size zero, their bodies wont allow it, big hips and big shoulders prove problematic in the whole situation.  Other girls will never have curves, unless they get surgical implants, because they can't gain weight in the "right" places. 

Just because a body type is not what the media is conveying as the norm, or the body type your favourite celeb has, doesn't mean the one you have isn't perfectly okay.

If you want to have a body like your favourite celeb and want to use that as motivation, by all means go for it, but you should remember to keep the main goal of being HEALTHY in sight! 

And yeah I can hear you say "oh yeah sure it's easy for the skinny girl to say 'be happy with your body image' and 'as long as your healthy you should be happy'." But honestly I've had my own difficulties with loving how I look too, just like any girl!

Of course I get jealous when I see my friends look beautiful in a dress that would hang like a sack on me but clings to them perfectly around their curves. Of course I've envied my friends for their boobs, when I feel barely out of training bras! And I definitely wish I had a little more booty with the likes of the Kardashians and Bey rocking it!

Unfortunately for me, I don't look like that, and I've accepted that now, and that I'm healthy and yes there are improvements I could make, but I know I'm always gonna want to improve, so being this close to happy is great. Body positivity comes from the inside, it comes from accepting your beauty and your flaws, and telling yourself everyday that you are beautiful the way you are! 

I hated how I looked for a very long time, because I was always skinnier and more petite than girls I knew. I compared myself to them, and how confident they were and I wished I could be like that! My lack of self-confidence came from being picked on for my weight as a kid. Some girls used to call me Barbie and anorexic and all these horrible things, cause I was skinnier than them, and when I was younger I could never understand why they were so mean because I couldn't change how I looked... I was just naturally thin. 

It took me quite a while to be happy with how I look and to accept the fact that I don't have a big butt, and I also don't have the motivation for squats. That my boobs resemble fried eggs, and that I could get away without wearing bras if I needed to.

All in all though, there's nothing I want to change anymore, I've come to learn to love myself, due to a mix of realising there's not a lot I can do to change it. Yeah I could be healthier, I could exercise more and eat better, but there's so much else to do in life that you can't waste it all concentrating on looking how you want to. 

I also want to say don't be afraid to eat junk food, don't be afraid to not exercise as regularly as people think you should and don't be afraid to love yourself for who you are. You are beautiful the way you are and don't let anyone tell you any differently. 

Please remember being healthy is key, feeling good about yourself often comes from that! Crash dieting is not good, and yeah you might lose weight, but it wont stay off!!. 

Sooooo basically, I've spent all this time in a round about way trying to say being healthy can make you feel happier about the way you look. The road to feeling happy in your own skin is a long one, but it is worth it and you can find happiness. When you feel better about yourself on the inside, you feel better about how you look on the outside!! 

Only change if you want to change, never let what someone says about you or to you make you feel like you're not good enough, or pretty enough, or skinny enough, or curvy enough because who you are is enough. Always. 

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, and to love yourself the way you are and have a positive image of yourself you need both. Take care of your mental health, take care of your body and loving yourself will come easily. I promise. (Also being a good person and liking the person you are helps, so doing good things for others really gives you a lift about yourself.)

Remember regardless of shape, size, colour, or anything else you are beautiful, and you are amazing and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!! 

If you've actually stayed til the end thank you so much for reading my rant! I really hope you liked this post and maybe even learned from it!!

Til the next time!!

Mk xo

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