Tuesday, 23 December 2014

DIY: Make-Up Brush Cleaning Spray

Make-Up Brush Cleaning Spray

So I noticed that Make-Up cleaning spray really expensive to buy, when all that's really in it is alcohol, soap and scent, so I decided to try make my own, based on a few different ones I've found online.  It's really quick and simple to make, and I've been using it for the last few months and it works really well as a quick fix clean for your Make-Up brushes. 

I'm not the best one for remembering to clean my brushes regularly but you should really do this weekly or fortnightly and do a deep cleans with clarifying (or baby) shampoo at least once every month or two, depending on how frequently you use them. 

For this you will need: 

- 240mls distilled (bottled or boiled) water
- About 40mls of surgical or methylated spirits (alcohol) You can buy these at either your local pharmacy or hardware store respectively. 
- 1 teaspoon of fairy liquid (dish washing soap)
- 1 teaspoon of clarifying or baby shampoo
- 1 tablespoon of leave in conditioner
- a jug and something to mix it with
- an old, clean spray bottle
- optional: 1 teaspoon of scented oil to take away the alcohol smell eg: lavender oil. 

What I Used
What I used:

  • For alcohol used methylated spirits as it was easiest for me to get and its cheaper, and the smell of it fades away quicker than surgical spirits.  Don't be afraid of using it, so little of it's being used in this mixture, and its well diluted by the water that it's not harmful or dangerous to be used at all!!
  • For leave in conditioner I used Aussie Take the Heat spray, I love the product and the smell. 
  • I just used a regular bottle of water I had at home, but boiled tap water does the trick too. 
  • Some cheap supermarket brand dish soap, the quality doesn't matter much
  • For shampoo I used Simple Baby 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. 
How to make:

It's really easy actually,  all you do is just pour all the ingredients in correct measurements from above into a jug, and stir until its all mixed well together, then pour carefully into a plastic spray bottle and you're done. 

Simple as that. 

Bottled it should look something like this.

Until the next time

MK xo

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