Thursday, 3 July 2014

Holiday Clothes Haul

As promised here is my Holiday clothes haul! 

My mam brought me shopping to Carlow town because it has the nearest Penneys to me, and I mean, what's the point in doing a big clothes shop if you're not going to Penneys, you'll end up spending all your money with less to show for it!! I must say though, I am a HHUUUUGGGGEEE fan of Penneys, but I do think they're getting a little pricey but the quality isn't getting any better, maybe that's just me... anyway on to the clothes!! :)

Yellow skater dress: 

Seen this and fell in love, but I was afraid yellow wouldn't suit me cause of my blonde hair,(I thought I'd look like a banana or something!) but when I tried it on I changed my mind!
€10 on sale in Only.

White flower print shorts, white bandeau and nude bag:

I've wanted a nice pair of print shorts and a pair of white shorts for AAAGGGEEEES now, and when I seen white shorts with a cute little flower print on them I just knew I had to buy them.I got them in Only aswell for only €9.95 which is sooo cheap for something I've searched everywhere for!  The white lace bandeau is from Penneys and I mainly got it as an essential little thing to go with every thing really, bandeaus like this look really nice under a muscle tank or low back top to show it off and not show off too much. At €3.50 it was a steal and I couldn't possibly leave it there, I bought a black one too,just because I could! The little nude bag is also from Penneys, I've a huuuge obsession with bags, but usually bigger bags, and I needed some small bags to bring on holiday with me this one was only 4 so I also bought two of them!! :)


So I had a few bikinis but I needed a few more and I didn't want to spend a lot on them because apart from a few days in summer I never really need one.  I thought these ones were really nice though, I really love the coral colour of the first one, I'm really loving coral colours atm! 

€5 Penneys for whole suit.

€7 Penneys for top, bottoms from last year.

€5 Penneys for whole suit. 

Coral string top:

Like I said before, I really love coral! I think this top was only like a few euro in Penneys as well but I can't remember exactly how much!

White skort, black bandeau and bag:

The black bandeau is the same as the white one above, and the blue bag is the same as the nude one.  I never really liked skorts before, they always reminded me of my camogie days, and believe me those skorts were not pretty!! Buuuuuut I seen this one in a shop called Minx and I knew I had to buy it!! I'd already bought my white shorts, but I thought this is a SKORT its soooo much different! (anything to persuade myself I needed to buy it!) only shock horror problem, there were a few threads pulled at the waist band from the teeth on the hanger and there was foundation all over the back!! (Some people shouldn't be allowed to try on clothes in shops!) I asked the sales woman was there another in my size and she told me there wasn't but she did give me a discount and the make up came out with a bit of vanish so all was good! :D It's always worth it to ask about faults in clothes in shops because you can get a sizable discount for it!

Print crop top:

I really love the print, I'd had my eye on this top for a while but I'd never gone and bought it, when I did go to get this they were out of my size, but I just got a bigger size anyway and take it in to fit me, because I needed this top!!!
€17 in River Island.


The blue and brown ones were €13 and the coraland tan ones were €10.

Hope you liked my Blog post! More to come soon!!

MK xo


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