Friday, 25 July 2014

DIY: Dip Dye Jumpsuit/Playsuit using Bleach.

The last blog before I go on my holiday to Tenerife, so I thought I'd keep it summer themed! 

So I seen this dip dyed playsuit in a magazine and I absolutely fell in love, buuuuut being the broke girl that I am I couldn't afford to buy it, so I decided to make one of my own.

The Playsuit that inspired me.
I knew that when you bleached black clothes you got a burned orange to peachy colours and with grey you get more pinkish colours so I thought that bleaching a plain playsuit would give me my desired effect.

This is the playsuit I bleached.

For this DIY you will need:

1. A plain black or grey jumpsuit. Make sure its 100% cotton or it wont bleach evenly and will ruin the fabric. I got this one in Penneys last summer. (It doesn't have to be a jumpsuit you can do this with a dress, a tshirt, shorts, anything really as long as its 100% cotton)
2. Bleach (cheap brand will do)
3. A spray bottle
4. Somewhere to bleach it. I'd advise doing it outside cause my house smelled of bleach for DAYS after I did this. 

1. Get your spray bottle and fill it with 3 parts water and 1 part bleach. ( depending on the thickness of your fabric you might need to adjust this, mine was fairly thin so I needed less bleach, but for thicker clothes more would be needed!) 
bleach and water solution
2. Hang your jumpsuit up from the bottom on a clothes horse (I wanted to bleach the top part so I kept it loose, leave the part you want to bleach hanging down)
Hanging up on a clothes horse
3. Using the spray bottle spray the areas you want bleached (don't forget to do both the back and front) 
spraying the playsuit
spraying the playsuit.
4. Let it work it might take a while to take the colour out. You might have to go over it a few times. If it all doesn't dye wash it off with the shower hose using warm water and go over the areas that need more bleach
Wash off with shower, make sure water runs clear!

Put more bleach on areas that didn't bleach the 1st time

Rub the bleach in if you have to to help it work better.
5. Wash thoroughly again and leave to dry.

6. Fill a basin with the same ratio of water and bleach as you had in the bottle.

7.With the now dry jumpsuit dip the top area (the area you want to be the lightest) into the basin and let the bleach soak into the fabric, leave it there until you see the colour change to a colour you're happy with. 
(To get a really light colour let the bleach dry into the fabric by hanging it on the washing line in the sun!)

8. When you're happy with the colour change wash the playsuit thoroughly in warm water to get rid of all the bleach, when all the bleach is washed out wash in normally in the washing machine.

9. Your dip dyed bleached playsuit is ready to wear!! It should look something like this!



Hope you guys liked this DIY!

MK xo

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