Monday, 9 June 2014

DIY: Kimono

I got the idea/inspiration to make my own Kimono from LaurDIY on YouTube and I decided to try it out myself. Hope you like it! :) 

You will need:

A large scarf (Penneys/Primark have really nice ones that are perfect size, and affordable too!)

Thread in a similar colour to the main colour in your scarf.
A needle.
Measuring tape.

What you need.


1. Fold scarf in half length ways 
The red writing gives a basic explanation of the method.

2. Measure on each side how long you want the arms to be. 
I left about 10 inches for each arm hole, but the size really depends on the way you want it to fit. 
Mark the bottom of the arm with a pin and start to sew down the side from there using a running stitch.
Repeat on both sides. 

Use a double thickness thread for extra strength.

Start at the pin. Back-stitch the first stitch so it holds securely.

Example of the running stitch and seam size. 

3. At the end of each side sew around the outside seam before finishing off to ensure a secure hold and to be sure that the threads wont just rip out straight away. 

It should look something like this:
Side, under arm. 
Bottom, at open end.

4. Measure the width of your scarf across and mark the middle point.

18 inches was my middle point so I marked it here.

5. Fold the scarf length-ways from the mark and cut from the point you marked right up to the fold at the top.  Make sure you only cut through one layer of fabric.
Fold length-ways in half at the mark.

Cut through one layer of fabric right to the top fold.

6. On the reverse side (inside) fold a seam about an inch thick, again using a running stitch and a double thickness thread like before, sew down to the bottom. 

!Quick Tip! To keep the seam folded down evenly while you sew it, iron it down using a silk setting on the iron to keep it in place. I didn't do this, but it would have been much easier if I did!

Fold down a seam about an inch thick.

Sew using a running stitch.

7. Join the seams of both sides at the top (neck area) 

Keep this part thinner so its not annoying at the back of your neck.
Trim off any excess material as you wish. 
Make seam thinner at top of neck.

8. Put on your Kimono and wear it, you're done!

The finished product should look something like this:

Yes, I know I look awkward.

And there you go, an easy, cheap way to get a summery Kimono that's stylish and unique!

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MK xo

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